Bikini Saver Cream


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Hovan’s Bikini Saver has been on the market for over 30 years
– Loved by men and women around the world for use on Ingrown Hair and for achieving Blemish Free Skin
– Manufactured for Sensitive Skin
– Main Ingredients – Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin A, Bromelain
– Leaves he skin feeling smooth with no oily residue
– Works to target skin blemishes and heal the damaged skin.
Highly effective and gentle ingredients that works well on skin and hair on acellular level.
Bikini Saver (Hovan’s Medi-Cream) is the Cream that guaranteed with regular use to clear and prevent in gown hair, bumps, razor rash, wax rash, and skin irritation on face, body, legs, bikini line and underarms. Best use for after waxing, shaving, laser or electrolysis.

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